Agro Commodities

PEC Limited is in the business of export and import of agro commodities. The flow of goods in agro commodities depends upon the demand and supply situation in the country. The availability of stocks of food grains for export or deficit of the stocks depends upon the harvest in the year, the previous year’s stock position and the buffer stock requirements of the particular food grain. The trade is regulated by government policies keeping in view the food security requirements of the country.

PEC Limited has successfully exported Wheat and Rice in bulk to to Buyers in the Governments and private sectors of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq and the Philippines. We have always been actively present in the market whenever there is an enquiry and price parity for exports.

PEC Limited is regularly importing wheat, pulses and maize for bulk buyers in India on private account and also whenever the mandate is given by the GOI to meet national food security needs. Roller flour mills,Dal mills and state governments are the end customers for wheat and pulses. Poultry and starch manufacturers’ associations are the end customers for the import of maize.

We are regularly nominated by the GOI to import agro commodities that are short in supply and export those that are in surplus.

We work closely with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to balance the agro stocks of food grains and stabilize prices in India.

PEC Limited has a vast network of suppliers for procurement of food grains for export.

We also have a wide customer base comprising the food processing industry to whom we supply imported food grains.

What We Trade