Projects Exports

PEC Limited has more than four decades of experience in executing various turnkey projects

We have successfully completed around 57 projects spread across more than 23 countries

PEC Limited executes projects funded under the Government of India Lines of Credit, Multilateral Funding Agencies, the Government of the buying country, Grants to various countries, etc.

PEC Limited maintains close liaison with Government and other agencies in public and private sectors, connected with financing, manufacturing, supplying, transport and shipping.

PEC Limited is fully equipped to translate the client’s concepts into viable projects.

What We Trade

Electrical Sub Stations Export

PEC Limited identifies and associates itself with a reputed & experienced EPC contractor to participate in International Competitive Bidding(ICB) for undertaking turnkey projects, viz Electrical Substations upto 132 kVA both in India and abroad, Transmission Lines, Distribution Networks, Water Supply Management System,Construction Dairy Plant, Cement plant, O&M, R&M of power plant etc.

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Industrial Projects Export

PEC has executed the following projects :
Cement plants
Oxygen Gas Plant
LPG Cylinder manufacturing plant
Industries fasteners for tools & electrical industries
Airport Baggage conveyor system
Boiler for chemical Industries
Continuous casting plant
Tabletting plant for Pharmaceuticals
Construction/Housing - Prefabricated Shelters
Textile Mills projects
PVC Cable Manufacturing plant
Telecom Network and Cabling project
INSAT based satellite MDD Reception System

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Agro Projects Export

PEC has executed the following projects :
Potato Plant
Sugar Plant
Pineapple plant
Tea Processing
Paddy Mills
Dairy (Ghee) plant

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