Agro Commodities

At PEC Limited, we strive to provide a seamless bond between the public sector and private sector to ensure that the Indian markets for agricultural products continue to remain stable. Our services facilitate solutions at each step in the agri-product life cycle, from strategic procurement on account of the government, as well as trade financing facilities to small-and-medium enterprises, to facilitating value-addition and exports. PEC’s expertise and experience has accorded it the understanding of how the agri-commodity markets operate, and today PEC is proud to be an integral part of the agri-business.

India, being still largely dependent on agriculture for its contribution to GDP, and having the advantage of having a wide plethora of crops being produced here, is a very important member of the global trade in agriculture. It is not only a choice of origination for a wide variety of cereals, but coarse grains and other soft commodities as well. It has the further distinction of being a non-GMO source as well, and has created a niche for itself as a source of high-quality raw materials as well. It is also a well-developed market for imports, further solidifying its position as an inherent part of the global trade in agri-commodities. PEC, playing the role that it does in the Indian market, is now therefore a reputed name in the world markets for agri-commodities.

What We Trade