Present Direction of Business

PEC LTD. was incorporated in April, 1971 in New Delhi, India. It is a public sector undertaking under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Commerce, Government of India.

The company's primary business thrusts are in export, import, deemed export, third country trading, arranging financing, logistics, project exports and management.

Present Direction of Business

Over the last three decades, PEC has expanded its role to become an international business organizer and a provider of integrated trade facilitating services. Through its diversification activities since the early nineties, it has emerged as a positive force for the exchange of commodities, goods and services between India and other countries.

As a trading company, PEC acts as both an initiator and an intermediary, as a developer as well as a facilitator for global trade.

PEC’s comprehensive, global commercial service is balanced by its readiness to listen to the individual clients and tailor its services to their needs. Each member of the Marketing Team is familiar with the local market that s/he handles and has a deep understanding of and appreciation for the differences in regional flavour, national character and prevailing situations.

PEC’s client services are geared to two objectives: Conducting international transactions; and Developing whole new business ventures that will contribute to India’s trade.

PEC brings buyers and sellers from India and countries around the globe together on the common ground of mutually profitable trade.

Our acquired expertise and up-to-date information are unerring guides to rich market opportunities. Our skills in negotiation have been tested and refined over the years in various marketplaces around the world. We arrange for the funds required for financing a transaction and the logistics of transporting goods to their destinations.

30 years in international trade have taught us how rapidly and radically global trade flows can shift. We follow and interpret these changes for our clients’ benefit and also take an active part in directing the change.

We know that, as there is no routine in the complex and volatile global market, there is no profit in simple textbook solutions. To be sure, the basic forms of trade, such as export, import and countertrade, are immutable. But, with the entire world a marketplace, these basic forms support limitless opportunities for profitable commerce.

We also know that capitalizing on the dynamics of international trade takes a global outlook, openness to the possibilities of the unexpected and the courage to try a fresh approach.

PEC thus offers an unmatched wealth of experience, skills and product knowledge. Further, we hold equally important our creative ability to select and adapt our resources to meet the particular needs of each client as well as the current realities of the market. Our clients can make use of our resources and expertise at any stage of a transaction.

PEC thus offers:

  • Review and refinement of trade objectives, thus helping a client to craft a strategic plan for building a profitable business.
  • Advice to clients on adapting products, pricing and distribution to meet local needs and preferences in new markets.
  • Generation of a wealth of data on any transaction that a client may contemplate, from cost estimates to the creditworthiness of customers.
  • Negotiation of transactions on behalf of a client anywhere in the world, taking into account the different cultures, customs, languages and monetary systems prevalent in that particular market.
  • Preparation of all necessary and indispensable paperwork required by each legal and regulatory jurisdiction that touches a client’s transactions.
  • Line-up of the funds required to set a client’s transaction in motion and oversee payment and collection at its conclusion.
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