Our Clients and Associates

Our Clients and Associates Associated Activities Commodities/Products
Government of India (GOI):
Central Government
  1. We Export Sale of Surplus Food Grains owned by the Government
  The Indian Government maintains foodgrains for public distribution and as reserve stocks, with the Food Corporation of India. When this stock become surplus, PEC Limited is nominated by the Government to export the said stock.
Wheat, Rice
  1. We Import Purchase of Deficit Food Grains, Pulses and Edible Oil on behalf of the Government
  India is a vast consumer of food grains. Based on seasonal production changes, the country, at times, experiences deficit in supply. To meet the demand, PEC Limited is nominated by the Government to import foodgrains and to supply to various Government Agencies for public distribution. We work closely with the Ministry of Food & Agriculture, GOI strive to balance the agro stocks of food grains and stabilize prices in India.
Wheat, Palm Oil, Yellow Peas, Tur, Urad
  1. We Export Red Sanders on behalf of the Government
  The Government is in possession of confiscated stocks of Red Sanders for which they have nominated PEC Limited to export the same.
Red Sanders
  1. We Execute Projects gifted by GOI to Other Countries
  The Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, undertakes the installation of industrial plants and other facilities required by other countries. This is done on a donation/grant basis as a goodwill gesture by the Government. PEC Limited manages the installation and commissioning of such projects through its wide networks of Engineering, Procurement, Commissioning (EPC) sub-contractors.
Potato Chips Plant,
Electrical Sub-Station
State Governments
  1. We Import and Supply Pulses
  In case of shortage of pulses in the country, PEC Limited is nominated by the GOI to import pulses from countries such as Myanmar, Mozambique, etc. and supply them to state governments, which in turn distribute it through the public distribution system. This is done to balance the supply demand equation and to stabilize prices.
Tur, Urad, Moong, Yellow Peas
  1. We Supply Solar, Defence and Engineering Equipment
  PEC Limited has been a prime agency for supply of solar, defence and engineering equipment to various agencies of the state government such as the State Police Department.
Ammunition, Solar Rooftop Plants
Indian Public Sector Enterprises We supply Industrial Raw Material We associate in the manufacturing sector, with public sector enterprises owned by both the central and state governments to aid them in their purchases and market their products for export. Coal
Foreign Nations’ Government Electricity Utilities
  1. We are Merchant Exporters and Suppliers of Engineering Electrical Equipment
  PEC Limited is associated with a wide network of medium and small scale enterprises from whom we source electrical engineering equipment and supply to electricity utilities across the world.
Transformers, Cables & Conductors
  1. We Install and Commission Electrical Substations & Transmission Lines
  PEC Limited undertakes installation and commissioning of substations and transmission lines up to 132 kv through its wide network of EPC contractors.
Substations, Transmission Lines
Foreign Nations’ Governments We undertake Projects for Erection & Commissioning on Turnkey Basis PEC Limited has a wide network of EPC contractors and it organises highly competitive offers for installation and commissioning of turnkey projects globally. We participate in international open tenders that are floated by governments of other nations, funded by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, etc. Industrial Plants- Cement, Textile,
Agro Processing- Sugar,Tea
Local Agents in Foreign Nations We Liaison with Clients/Buyers PEC Limited seeks the services of local agents in other nations to liaison with foreign buyers- i.e the Government Electricity Utilities of other countries.  
International Trading Companies
  1. We Export Sell Agro Commodities on Free on Board (FOB) Basis
  PEC Limited has a vast network of Brokers/Agents through which it procures food grains for export. We are reputed for our record of making timely delivery of goods.
Wheat, Rice, Soymeal, Maize
  1. We Import Purchase Agro Commodities on Cost Insurance Freight (CIF) Basis
  PEC Limited has a wide customer base consisting of the food processing industry to whom we supply imported food grains.
Wheat, Edible Oil, Pulses
Indian Commission Agents / Canvassing Agents/ We Purchase Agro Commodities PEC Limited purchases agro commodities on warehouse delivery basis at port towns/ delivery by railway rakes. Wheat, Rice, Maize
Indian Manufacturers /MSMEs We buy engineering electrical and mechanical equipment. PEC Limited exports supply of engineering equipment. We seek competitive offers from Indian manufacturers and participate in global tenders floated by Electricity Utilities in other countries. Transformers, Cables & Conductors, Hardware
Indian Trading Companies We Sell Agro Commodities PEC Limited sells agro commodities on ex-Warehouse basis. Maize, Soymeal