Present Activities

Turnkey Projects

Our Clients are Foreign Governments and execution partners are Indian EPC Contractors

PEC Limited has more than four decades of experience in executing various turnkey projects. We have successfully completed around 57 projects spread across more than 23 countries. PEC Limited executes projects funded under the Government of India Lines of Credit, Multilateral Funding Agencies, the Government of the buying country, Grants to various countries, etc. PEC Limited maintains close liaison with Government and other agencies in public and private sectors, connected with financing, manufacturing, supplying, transport and shipping. PEC Limited is fully equipped to translate the client’s concepts into viable projects.

Export of Engineering Equipment

Our Buyers are Foreign Electricity Utility Companies and suppliers are Local Manufacturers

Being a Merchant Exporter, PEC Limited aggregates most competitive and reliable associates mainly SMEs for potential business with various customers in overseas markets. PEC Limited has earned a name in the international market for being a reputed and reliable partner which supplies quality products at excellent delivery.

Solar Domestic Projects

Our Buyers are Indian Government & State Government and our execution partners are Local EPC Contractors.

PEC is in the business of supply, installation and commissioning of solar power plants. Ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE) has nominated PEC for supply installation and commissioning of roof top grid connected solar power plants (RTS). PEC in turn has empaneled a large vendor base of various technical and financial capabilities. PEC allocates the work of preparation of DPRs to various vendors based on their technical and financial competence. PEC submits the offers to its customers in government and private sector in association with the selected associate vendor, who in turn executes the orders as per the standard operating procedure on back to back basis. In last five years (2011-2016) PEC has successfully implemented more than 55 solar power plants totalling approximately 7 MW (Rs 130 Cr approx.). In the year 2016-17, PEC is targeting a business in the range of 50 MW. There are two widely accepted business models, one on CAPEX basis and the other is one RESCO basis.

Import of Bullion

Our Buyers are Local Traders and our buyers are International Suppliers.

PEC is one of the 6 nominated agencies along with 18 banks and star trading houses allowed to import Bullion ( i.e Gold, Silver and other precious metals) in India.
PEC is one of the prime buyer & importer of gold and silver to india. The Bullion Division at PEC Limited caters to the needs of various domestic traders as well as jewelry manufacturers by importing and supplying precious metals such as Gold and Silver on their behalf. PEC Limited imports Gold in 100 grams and 1 kg Bar form, from various suppliers who are members of the London Bullion Market Association.

Export of Agro Commodities

Our Buyers are International Traders and suppliers are Indian Government Local Millers & Local Traders

PEC Limited has established itself as a major player in the trading of foodgrains. Most commonly traded foodgrains by PEC Limited are Wheat & Rice. PEC Limited has, in the past, undertaken various tasks of import and export of food grains on behalf of the Government of India. PEC Limited has also acted as a trade facilitator for those interested in the trading of food grains.

Import of Agro Commodities

Our Buyers are Local Traders & Millers and suppliers are International Traders

PEC Limited has, in the past, undertaken various tasks of import and export of food grains on behalf of the Government of India.

Import of Industrial Raw Material

Our Buyers are Local Manufacturers & traders and suppliers are International Traders

The enlisted associates, who are end users of the product, would approach PEC with their requirement. PEC arranges the import by establishing Letter of Credit and sold on “ High Seas” basis to the associates.