Vision, Mission & Objectives

In this changing global scenario and transformation in the Indian economy, PEC has evolved the following future directions for itself:


  • To be a highly market focused company engaged in international and domestic trade; an organization which is lean and flexible, capable of responding to the changing environment and always conscious of its obligations of delivering value to the stakeholders.


To trade in the international market in a manner to create an image of quality, reliability, ethical values and sustained long term relationship with the customers and other business partners by

  • Export of engineering projects and equipment especially from small and medium enterprises.
  • Export and Import of bulk items viz. commodities, raw materials and bullion etc. and develop new products and new markets.
  • To serve as an effective instrument of public policy and social responsibility


  • To focus on export of engineering projects and equipment specially from small and medium enterprises.
  • To trade internationally in commodities such as agricultural products, industrial raw materials, chemicals and Bullion.
  • To see new opportunities in the global and domestic market in order to sustain a reasonable rate of growth in business.

PEC’s present line of business includes:

  • Exports of Projects, Capital goods, Engineering items, Software and IT related services and pharmaceutical items & medical equipment/disposables.
  • Trading in Agricultural Commodities.
  • Import of Industrial Raw Materials.
  • Import of Bullion.