Present Direction of Business

At PEC Limited, we continually strive to keep up with the times, evolve and adapt to new modes in the industry and strengthen the existing lines of business. Presently, we are expanding the following models of business.

Turnkey Projects

At present turnkey projects is the focus vertical. We are trying to grow and expand this segment. We are increasing the network of Indian EPC contractors willing to work with us on projects of various sector.

Further we are trying to participate in more and more tenders. We are also trying to cover more and more segments such as electrical( substations and transmission lines), industrial projects ( eg cement plants), dairy projects (milk processing plants).

We are also trying to increase our geographical outreach by venturing in land locked countries where logistics is difficult.

Imports : Stock and Sale

PEC Limited has been operating most of its import transactions by selling the material on High Seas. Now we are in the process to expand our stock and sale business, thereby selling the imported material on ex warehouse basis.

In this model we wish to increase our contribution to the supply chain by managing the logistics for imports and the warehousing for stock and sale of material.

Further through this model we wish to aid the MSME segment in manufacturing to better manage their purchase of imported raw material, by making the material available to them at best possible prices.

Third Country Export

By virtue of being imports we have a good supplier base, similarly by being in exports we have a strong buyer base as well. We leverage this network to expand our business by executing third country exports.

At times third country exports has been used to facilitate the mechanism of barter trade with other countries.

Trading through Electronic Platform

We have a good network of MSMEs in the engineering and manufactured goods segment who associate with us to export their goods, similarly many associate with us to import the industrial raw material required by them in the manufacturing process.

PEC is in the process of developing of an electronic platform which shall serve as a shelf space for manufacturing MSMEs. Our existing network can be used to to initially populate this platform. Further we are going the empanelment process to gain more and more participation.

Logistic Services

We are in the process render value services to our clients by managing the material movement in case import from the international supplier delivery point to the domestic buyer and in case of export from the domestic manufacturer convenient delivery location to the buyers desired delivery point.

We are collaborating with internationally reputed logistics service providers to aid us delivering such services.

Warehousing Services

In India well managed and good quality warehousing is short supply, this results in loss of quality , quantity and delay in delivery services in the supply chain.

Our own managed warehouses help us in lowering the cost of delivery of the goods to the customer and also keep the quality and quantity intact.

Sourcing/Marketing for Government/Multinationals

PEC Limited is in the process of tying up with various government agencies and public sector organisations. One one hand we help them out to market their manufactured goods for exports and on the other hand we help them source the raw material required by them through imports.