PEC Limited has been actively involved in import-purchase of Pulses on the mandate of Union Government and subsequent sale to state government and its agencies.

India is the largest producer, importer and consumer of pulses in the world accounting for nearly 25% of global production, 15% of international trade and 27% of world consumption. PEC Limited has always been a key player in the trading of pulses. Various types of pulses imported by PEC Limited are Tur Whole (Pigeon Peas), Black Matpe (Urad), Green Moong, Chick Peas and Yellow Peas.

What We Trade

Yellow Peas

Yellow Peas is a very popular world food crop. it is very nutritious and is easy to grow. The production of yellow peas in the world is somewhat concentrated as only a few countries produce the major share of the world’s produce.

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Pigion Peas -Tur

Pigeon Peas originated in India and is commonly known by the name Tur. It is widely cultivated in tropical and semitropical regions. India is the largest producer of Pigeon Peas and accounts for 80% of the global production.

PEC Limited is one of the largest importers of Pigeon Peas, having imported them from various countries such as Myanmar, Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi, etc.

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Green Moong

Green Moong or Green Gram is an important pulses crop cultivated in India. China and Southeast asian countries are also producers of Green Moong.

PEC Limited has been actively involved in the import of Green Moong. The major countries from where Moong is imported are Myanmar, Australia, Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia. The major varieties of Green Moong imported by PEC Limited are Moong Pedishewa, Moong Pokako and Moong FAQ.

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Chick Peas (Desi)

India is the largest producer of Chick Peas and it accounts for 70% of Global production. Desi Chick Peas and Kabuli Chick Peas are the two major varieties. Desi Chick peas are split peas and are relatively smaller in size, having a thicker seed coat and appear dark brown in color. Kabuli chickpeas have a whitish-cream color and are relatively bigger in size having a thinner seed coat.

PEC Limited has been regularly importing Chick Peas and they are being majorly imported from Australia, Canada and Tanzania.

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Black Matpe (Urad)

Urad or Back Gram is a small sized pulse having a black seed coat and is consumed in many forms including split form, boiled form, roasted form or ground to make flour. It is also consumed in a stew form, which is known as ‘Dal’ in India and other south Asian countries.

PEC Limited used to import Urad from Myanmar and the major varieties imported are Urad FAQ and Urad SQ. PEC Limited was one of the largest suppliers of imported Urad to various State Governments under the subsidy schemes of Government of India.

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