Citizen's Charter

Citizen Charter


To trade in the international market in a manner to create an image of quality, reliability, ethical values and sustained long term relationship with the customers and other business partners by

  • Export of engineering projects and equipment especially from small and medium enterprises.
  • Export and Import of bulk items viz. commodities, raw materials and Bullion etc. and develop new products and new markets.

To serve as an effective instrument of public policy and social responsibility.


To be a highly market focussed company engaged in international and domestic trade; an organization which is lean and flexible, capable of responding to the changing environment and always conscious of its obligations of delivering value to the stakeholders.

A company capable of providing total service to the customers related to international trade.


To develop and adopt best Corporate Governance practices and adhering to the Corporate Governance guidelines.

To adopt corporate practices based on transparency and proper disclosures to ensure accountability of the persons in charge of the Company so as to bring benefits to the customers, creditors, employees and society at large.


  • To be a profit oriented international trading organisation.
  • To provide adequate return to the stakeholders, commensurate with the market expectations.
  • To seek new opportunities in the global and domestic markets.
  • To focus on export of engineering projects and equipment especially from small and medium enterprises.
  • To trade in commodities such as agricultural products, industrial raw materials, chemicals and Bullion.
  • To continuously strive for enhancement of the corporate image as reliable, long term and professionally competent organisation.
  • To continuously strive for improvement in productivity and competitiveness.


A Public Grievances Redressal Mechanism is in place in PEC for time bound disposal of grievances received from the public. Any aggrieved party can submit its grievance in writing to the Public Grievance Redressal Officer appointed at the corporate office of PEC. Alternatively, the complaint can be put in the locked complaint box which has been placed at the reception and Vigilance Cell. Shri M.K. Bainiwal, General Manager has been nominated as the Public Grievance Redressal Officer. All the grievances are duly acknowledged by giving a specific grievance number. Sincere efforts are made to ensure the disposal of public grievances within three months of the receipt of grievance.


Since PEC is covered under the Industrial Disputes Act, employee grievances are generally resolved through employee unions. Shri M.K. Bainiwal, General Manager has been nominated as Nodal Officer for redressal of grievances relating to all employees.


PEC has been complying with the provisions of the Right to Information Act in letter and spirit. All material information of general interest to the public has been hosted on its website viz. Central Public Information Officers (CPIOs) and Public Information Officers (PIOs) have been appointed at PEC’s Corporate Office at New Delhi and all its branch offices. Any public person can approach CPIO/PIO for seeking information under the Right to Information Act-2005.The names and contact details of PIOs, pro-forma of application, amount of fee required, mode of payment are available on the official website of PEC


All information on the products and services offered by PEC Ltd., the names and contact details of key officials of PEC along with the work handled by them, organization chart, etc. has been hosted on the official website of PEC Ltd. viz.